August 22, 2018

Teeny Tiny Surprise

It has been a pleasure to observe all of the recent hummingbird activity around our property and yard and fence and feeder. Such bold defenders of their space they are, one to another! We have been amazed and entertained at the hummingbird battles we have witnessed as the wee critters zoom about and chase each other... often with an audible impact between them after the swift buzzing sound of a pair flying past.

And yet, they seem quite gentle and sweet toward us as we stand near the feeder and watch and sometimes photograph them. Several of our large tribe have experienced the joy of holding the feeder whilst a tiny hummingbird or two perched upon its edge and sipped from its openings.

The other day as I was holding the feeder, a hummingbird landed and had one foot upon my finger as it perched to drink the nectar. Such a light touch it was! A simple pleasure to savor and remember indeed.

All of the activity of the migrating hummingbirds has led to me taking the feeder down quite often for a scrub and a nectar refill. What a surprise it was to discover a hummingbird feather stuck onto the edge of one of the feeder holes...

In all of our years of feeding hummingbirds on our homestead I have never seen a feather left behind on the feeder before this one. It is the teeny-tiniest feather I have ever seen! The feather blew away when I took the feeder down so I am grateful that I took a picture of it when I did. {smile}

Wishing you a fantastic day,

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