Our Stretch of the Creek

Only just now are we starting to spend regular time this summer at our stretch of the creek. The raging high waters of spring kept us away... then the beauty of nearby places beckoned us away from our farm for day trips... then it was that homesteading to-do list that simply cannot be ignored for long... and then we discovered a creekside nest of hornets that had to be tended to before we could all truly relax and enjoy the blessing of having our very own creek on our property.

After ridding the pasture of those pesky hornets and then clearing a lovely spot amidst the tall dry grass in the area on Saturday, we all were quick to say - Sure! - when the suggestion of a Sunday evening trip to the creek was made at last.

One of the first discoveries as we settled in for some family time in one of our favorite places was this pretty butterfly in the pasture. Its wings were injured for some reason, so I offered it my finger and it climbed right on. I carefully set it upon the leaves of a nearby bush. It made me so happy to help this wee creature to safety! I love butterflies.

The creek is only a few inches deep in most places now. Perfect for a splashabout and some water play time for our children and my boisterous pup Jack.

We discovered some *very* tart gooseberries along this stretch of creek. Not enough to harvest for jam or pie making, but plenty to forage and enjoy on the spot.

This is the spacious patch of pasture that my hubby and our boys cleared for us. We estimate that the cuttings were equivalent to two or three bales of hay. It isn't much, but because of it our critters did indeed eat some homegrown hay this year.

And I love to celebrate even the tiniest homesteading accomplishments and every wee step of self-sufficiency we are blessed to achieve. Woot!

Wet. Tongue-wagging. Happy. That is Jack at the creek! {smile}

We searched for signs of impending autumn. And we found some! The trees and bushes alongside the creek are beginning to look like fall is in the air, indeed.

So pretty! I love love love this time of the year.

The fish weren't interested in being caught-and-released this time. But it is always fun to try, I am told.

Yes, fall is suddenly in the air. And today is rainy and cozy and only 48 degrees (F). It was our first official day of our twenty-first year of homeschooling in our family. I baked sourdough bread and got the laundry mostly caught up, and there is a turkey in the oven for dinner. Did I mention that I *love* this time of the year? 🦋


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