Our Hay-Getting Adventure

How thrilled I was when my dear hubby told me that one of his weekend projects was to be getting our winter hay supply! It thrills me nearly as much as having a full pantry and freezer to have a full stack of hay in place to keep our critters warm and cozy and fed through the winter.

We still have about a ton of hay left from what we purchased last summer. The wet spring and resulting green pastures were such a blessing and really cut down on the amount of hay we needed to feed our animals at that time.

And we have become much more diligent and careful about how our hay is stored and handled and used as bedding... and in a windy area like ours, that really cuts down on how much is wasted by blowing away.

We were pretty happy about having a ton of hay left over. That is a first for us!

So we discussed the matter and decided to purchase five tons this year, which would bring us to about six tons going into autumn and winter. That is a bit more than we may need, but we would rather err on the side of too much rather than not enough.

And you just never know when or if the Lord will bless us with the additional goats we would like to add to our farm... or maybe even another cow. Yes, we have discussed perhaps adding another cow to our happy gentle homestead should one that is just right for us become available. *Swoon!*

Hubby and helpers picked up some of the hay on Saturday. By Sunday afternoon, there was but one more trip to make to retrieve the bales from the field where our hay grower had left them for us. So my dear hubby hooked up the trailer to our family vehicle - rather than his truck - so we could all go along!

It has become an unofficial tradition, the whole lot of us going along to pick up the last of the hay. It doesn't always work out for our whole tribe to tag along, but we all love it when it does.

It was fun to romp in the field together and let our wild ones run free and explore and play. A paved path alongside the hay field made it rather easy to enjoy a walkabout and have a peek at the trail side creek.

What a lovely discovery... wildflowers and a butterfly still thriving in the shade next to the shallow water.

The men of our tribe made quick work of loading the trailer.

And Jack took it all in, sniffing and exploring the unfamiliar field and soaking up the family fun. He was so excited to come with us for this outing... I do *love* him so much!

It was a short drive to return home again. And on the way home, we got a flat tire on the trailer. Such an unexpected bit of excitement!

It is a blessing that my dear hubby is a skilled mechanic *and* we had the spare tire and all of the tools he needed *and* the flat was on the side of the trailer that was away from the road. Thank you, Lord!

We have discussed perhaps rebuilding or even replacing our old second-hand trailer. It has served us well for many a year but isn't quite what we need for our homesteading tasks. Still, this is the first time we have gotten a flat tire when getting our hay.

This was my view of the smoke shrouded mountains in the distance while we were waiting from the safety of our vehicle for the tire to be changed. After that unexpected happening, it was an extra good feeling to get home again!

My hubby and our strong and willingly helpful boys are stacking the hay behind our feed shed this year, rather than beside the garage. It is a somewhat experimental decision, but we think it will make winter chores *much* easier and it also gives my hubby a handy place to push snow next to the garage this winter.

Hard to believe as we sit here with a 90 degree (F) day that soon we will be wondering where to put all of the snow!

Matilda seems rather pleased with this year's hay crop. So happy I am! It is largely for her, after all. {smile}

So we got our hay! Winter preps have officially begun around here, that big one is finished, the bales are nearly stacked, and our hay-getting adventure had a happy ending after being much more exciting than we had anticipated. Lots to be grateful for, and we are. {smile} 🌻


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