August 21, 2018

Handknit Dishcloths

Oooo... today I have some recently finished handknit dishcloths to show you, friends. These simple projects went along with me to all kinds of places over the summer. Day trips, the park, the creek, appointments, activities... I like to take a simple handwork project along with me when I am out-and-about just in case I feel prompted to grab a crafty moment.

After all of my many years of homemaking, I have tried quite a variety of purchased dishcloths for my kitchen tasks. And most of them have ended up in my rag bag or donate pile in no time. My minimalist tendencies have taught me to just pass those other kinds along right away to someone who will use them because handknit cotton dishcloths are what I prefer!

Earlier this summer, I purchased a big cone of cotton yarn in a variegated colorway that I thought was cute and began making pairs of some of my favorite simple go-to dishcloth patterns that I have discovered and enjoyed using through the years. As well as my first seed-stitch dishcloths... those were fun to craft.

Six new handknit dishcloths are a good start to restocking my dwindling supply. And I am looking forward to knitting many, many more!


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