August 15, 2018

Coffee, Crochet, and Hummingbirds

For my birthday last January, one of our boys gave me two skeins of yarn that he chose because he thought I would like them. I do! It blesses my heart to envision him standing in the yarn aisle at the craft store choosing yarn for his mama's birthday. 💕

And the time has come for me to put those chosen-with-love skeins of yarn to use.

I have been mostly knitting lately, and thought it would be nice to switch to crochet for my next project. And I decided to make a cozy shawl for myself. Because autumn is on its way and shawls are cute and comfy. I like to wear a shawl rather than a traditional coat quite often, and shawls are one of my favorite items to craft.

And I really do plan to keep this one for myself since my boy chose the yarn just for me!

Over the weekend, my dear hubby and I took our coffee and my two skeins of yarn and my crochet hook and camera to the deck, and I scooted my chair near to the hummingbird feeder. Our homestead is along the hummingbirds' migration route and we have been seeing lots of them these past few days drinking nectar from our feeder and perched upon our fence.

Our tribe was yet asleep inside as we sat and talked and I got a few rows done on my shawl (it is a lovely start!) and I sipped my delicious dark roast coffee with goat milk. Before long, a sweet little hummingbird whizzed to the feeder for a drink.

Wow. I love these tiny little creatures. They are so cute.

I would say that the coffee and crochet and hummingbirds combination made those weekend morning moments on the deck with my man extra special. So glad we took the time to enjoy them!

Wishing you a lovely day where you are.

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