A Grateful Heart

Happy Friday to you, friends. It is a breezy day at our place and 68 degrees (F) outdoors, not quite as smoky as it has been. Quite the perfect weather, I thought, for me to finish my outdoor running training program! I felt so pleased to hear the final *ding* of my phone when my running time was complete after that final session.

I tend to keep most of my body positive fitness activities over on Run Hoop Julie... that sister-blog to this one is more about my personal journey of authenticity and body positivity and overcoming and changing and so on... but I am indeed *grateful* because I used to have an exercise obsession and eating disorder and to overcome that and have a healthy relationship with food and fitness feels amazing. All glory to the Lord! I am a body positive just-for-fun runner!

Here are a few more snippets from my ongoing gratitude list this week~

:: My cow-friend Matilda. She has made me so happy for the eight-and-a-half years that I have had her. I called her to the yard the other day and she came (such a big puppy, she is) for a pat and a scratch and an apple. {smile} I love her.

:: Healing. Our child's hand injury from last weekend is healing well, and won't require any additional medication or any follow-up treatment. So thankful!

And my boisterous pup Jack is healing very well from being neutered. I think he already forgot about it... he is as wild-and-happy as ever. Ha!

:: Home food production. It didn't last long, the four pints of chokecherry syrup that I made from our very own chokecherries (!) but it was oh-so delicious!

:: Pretty journals. I bought a very cute notebook for my homeschool lesson plans and record keeping... it is larger than ordinary notebooks and it has a blue flowery cover and a folder inside along with its many blank pink-lined pages. Perfect! *And* I treated myself to a daily planner that I am using for *everything* from notes to thoughts to doodles and so on. Such simple and fun pleasures!

:: That deer. This handsome fella. His split ear and lovely antlers make him easy to spot, even when he is with the other deer that frequent our farm. Such a pleasure it has been to watch him grow all summer. We see him nearly every day!

:: My dear family. That I get to spend my days with the six of our blessings yet at home, and that our son and daughter who are grown up and on their own keep in touch. I had a lovely long conversation with each of them this week... so grateful!

We aren't a perfect family. We don't all agree on every issue. We are rarely all together in one place... I have but a small handful of family photos of the ten of us side-by-side and our oldest son lives all the way across the country from our homestead. That used to make me sad and the images of big smiling families all gathered together would tempt me to envy and self-pity, honestly.

But I wouldn't trade what I have for anything. This is me, we are us. Imperfect, real. Meant for each other. The Lord says to not have *any* idols... and for me, that meant letting go of my own idea of what large family life should be. And since I did that I have found more joy and satisfaction in being a mama of many than ever before. Praise the Lord!

I am thankful to be a traditional homemaker. Homesteading in a skirt. I am smart, strong, authentic, equal to my hubby in worth, and I am happily submissive to him. I wear my headcovering not only to obey Scripture, but also as an outward sign to my dear hubby and everyone else that it is my *joy* to be under his leadership in our home and in my life. And he is such a kind and wonderful man... what a blessing it is to be his wife! Feminism baffles me. I prefer to be cherished. I am grateful that I am.

Thank you for coming by my blog today, friends. And for following my thoughts here and here as well. I'll meet you back here in this space in September, okay? {smile} Can you believe September begins tomorrow?!


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