A Grateful Heart

Happy Friday to you, dear friends. I am quite chuffed that we have had a week of hummingbirds bustling about the feeder and perching on the fence! They surprise me each year with their fierceness toward one another as they vie for sole ownership of our outdoor yard space and the nectar we provide for them.

Such a thrill it is to see them... one, two, sometimes three at a time... flitting about the yard and surrounding area. After only seeing one or two hummingbirds all summer it is quite a treat to enjoy all of the recent activity.

And it was such a highlight for me this week to harvest the tiny patch of grain that was growing behind Matilda's building and add it to a batch of my homemade sourdough bread! It was a bring-me-to-tears moment of gratitude and disbelief and joy to remove the loaves from the oven after dreaming of just such a thing for so many years!

I have finally baked a batch of homemade bread with homegrown grain. A teeny tiny step toward self-sufficiency and a true celebration of the simple homesteading life. And that sourdough bread with a hint of barley was absolutely delicious!

Here are a few more snippets from my ongoing gratitude list this week~

:: Minimalism. I sorted through my own clothes and drawers and even my box of headcoverings to winnow out that which was no longer my taste, worn out, or poorly fitting. How lovely to be finished with such a task and now be able to assess what I need and want to fill the gaps in my simple modest and minimal wardrobe.

I am excited about finding and making clothes for myself to fit me in this happy place my body has settled and will likely remain at, and as I mentioned here, I love being plus sized and quite enjoy my unique and thrifty and yes, rather picky, style.

And our children did the same, each of them sorting through their closets and drawers and ending up with their own piles of worn out and outgrown clothing. And then we were blessed with a bag full of hand-me-downs from a sweet friend that contained several cute things in needed sizes to replace much of what we got rid of. Isn't that amazing? God's timing is always perfect.

I have learned through the years and God's continual provision that it is silly to worry about anything. Worry is fearful, worry tries to control the outcome, worry suggests that I know how things should be. Why worry when God is in control? I take my concerns to Him and do my best to leave them there... within God's will is the best place to be, I have read and agree. He is trustworthy. {smile}

:: Sweetness. What a blessing to see two mama deer with three spotted young fawns right outside our window as my dear hubby and I sipped coffee the other morning. The cuteness... squee!

:: Books. I finished reading Elsie Dinsmore by Martha Finley. What a wonderful book! I'm so glad one of my girls recommended it to me. We are reading through the Little House series (again) during our daily read aloud time. Our children and I never tire of that series and I have found the books even more interesting after taking a class about the writing life of Laura Ingalls Wilder a couple of years ago. And in my personal quiet time, I am reading in the book of Leviticus.

There is a definite August feel to the air at our place now. A slight shift in the way the sky looks... a perceptible nip in the morning air. I do love it. The cozy days of autumn and the excitement of another homeschooling year are just around the corner! In the meantime, I will savor these remaining days of summer and enjoy what is right now. And what is right now, at this moment, is good.

Life on the farm is good!

Thanks so much for coming by my blog today. I wish you much gratitude and a wonderful weekend where you are.


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