August 3, 2018

A Grateful Heart

Happy Friday evening to you, friends! What a lovely day it was for me... our grown daughter was home for the day to celebrate her twenty-seventh birthday with us. Oh my, I can hardly believe it has been twenty-seven years since I gave birth to our oldest girl only eight minutes after I walked into the hospital!

So glad we made it in time. The doctor didn't... but those nurses were awesome. {smile} What a memory!

Here are a few more snippets from my ongoing gratitude list this week~

:: Flowers from my dear hubby. Just because... 💕 I often wonder just how I could be so blessed to be the wife of my wonderful man. He is a treasure. God is so good to me!

:: Broadway musicals. They are so interesting to me! I really love keeping up with the Broadway scene and the plays and the dancers and actors and such from afar. Traveling to NYC (or anywhere else!) doesn't interest me at all in this season of life, but I still find it all so fascinating and fun.

:: My buddy Jack. I love my dog so. much. {smile} Here he is with his tongue hanging out sitting like a good boy atop the family rock in our back pasture. The family rock is enormous and the whole lot of us... all ten of our tribe... have stood upon it together several times through the years.

:: A regular hummingbird. Each day for the past several days we have seen a hummingbird sipping from our hummingbird feeder. So glad! They have been rather scarce this year at our place.

I wish you a cup brimful of gratitude, my friends, and I thank you for coming by my blog today. Have a nice weekend ~


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