July 5, 2018

Those Deer Friends

Oh, the deer! They are abundant around here, friends. How lovely to have such beautiful creatures on and around our homestead.

We have been seeing a group of seven bucks that are roaming the mountainside together. And the single buck in the above images has been making a regular appearance. There is a doe that lives in some of the bushes on our property. The other night we heard a deer munching away at the grass just outside the yard... it was still just light enough to make out the silhouette of a young buck.

And just yesterday we saw the first fawns of the year... twins! The wee babies were bounding around and following their mama on the hillside across the way. So cute!

Our goats always notice the deer when they are near the barnyard. But that cow-friend of mine, Matilda, she either doesn't see the deer or simply doesn't care that they are there. She just keeps on doing her thing regardless... I love that about her. {smile}


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