The Rest of the Paint

The coolness of our recent evenings has been quite refreshing, especially since our daytime temperatures of late have climbed rather near 100 degrees (F). I find it to be a lovely time, as it begins to cool off for the day, to putter about the barnyard and simply enjoy the company of the critters that live with us on our farm sanctuary homestead.

And while wildflower season is passing by all-too-quickly, there are still a few pretties growing here and there practically begging to be photographed in the light of the golden hour. {smile}

Since Jack was busy playing fetch with one of our children back in our fenced yard, I took some moments to visit with my lady friends. My puppy is doing quite well around the critters on our farm, but still needs to be closely supervised with the chickens as he learns to control his chasing impulses.

So I think that our hens were a lot more relaxed with Jack occupied in the yard. I know I was!

Our chickens are the sweetest creatures and do seem to like being held and talked to. So I cuddled a few of them on my way to chat with Matilda.

And here she is, my barnyard best friend. Matilda was hanging out in her corral with Shadow - an image of that sweet moment is here - but she came right over to me to see if I had brought her a treat. Of course I did!

And as I was petting my cow, I remembered that I wanted to show you the small painting project that made such a big change in the overall look of our barnyard.

After we finished painting our duck coop and chicken coop, we had just enough red paint left to do the entrances to Matilda's shelter and the building in the largest pen. We have decided to save the task of painting the entire larger building for next year (Lord willing). But Matilda's building is metal and painting its entrance was just what it needed.

Here is what it looked like before, with just the bare wood. Functional, yes, but not very pretty...

But what a difference an hour's time and some leftover paint made, yes?

Looks good, if I do say so myself! And that is the end of our painting improvements in the barnyard for this season. We are quite pleased to scratch that to-do off of our summer project list.


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