July 26, 2018

Nine Months Old

Nine months since my pup was born and just over seven months it has been since Jack bounded into our hearts and homestead as a wee wiggling bundle of love. Nine months old! And outwardly, he looks rather grown up.

His behavior and endless energy and enthusiasm for life are evidence that he is still pure puppy on the inside!

A highlight of this past month in Jack's life was likely our family trip to the mountains last weekend. It was our first day trip to the wilderness that Jack has been a part of and oh my, I do think he approved...

My dear hubby gave me so much more than a dog when he surprised me with Jack last Christmas. He gave me a loyal companion and a protector and a confidante and a best friend... in an adorable, furry, boisterous package. {smile} This dog makes me feel so unconditionally loved.

And it is true... maybe you have noticed?... that all of us on this happy gentle homestead love our sweet dog Jack, too!

Okay, maybe Ruby merely tolerates him. Ha!


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