July 3, 2018

Handknit Graduation Shawl

Off the needles at last! The shawl I made as a graduation gift for our sweet girl is finally finished. It was such an easy-peasy pattern... just basic garter stitch with a yarn-over two stitches from the beginning of each row... and I used a washable acrylic yarn in the variegated color that the graduate chose herself.

Lots of love and prayer is packed into every stitch of this shawl. I intended it to be a warm hug around our daughter's shoulders as she enters this new and exciting stage of her life.

I tend to gravitate toward simple knitting projects. I used to consider it mindless knitting but it has become just the opposite for me... simple patterns allow me moments to be mindful, in the moment, perhaps praying for or thinking about the recipient of the project-in-hand. Perhaps simply being thankful for the gift that each day, each breath, each stitch, truly is.

Wishing you peace,

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