End of July on the Homestead

Our loyal senior cat Stinky Winky keeping watch over the barnyard in the evening light.

A friendly moment shared between my two bestest animal friends, Jack and Matilda. 💕 Oh, how I love these two!

Dwindling wildflowers in the pasture. And a few more of them - here.

Farm fresh eggs from our well-loved hens. Using and eating surplus eggs from our homestead farm sanctuary's own hens is a blessing and does not compromise my own personal vegan convictions and beliefs a bit.

Our hens have amazing lives with us and freedom to safely roam our barnyard and they lay according to their natural rhythms. It would be silly to let their eggs go to waste, I think.

A sweet moment between Bailey and Clementine, our rescued Pygmy goats. We don't know with certainty, but it is quite likely that they are mother and daughter.

Pretty purple flowers growing atop by thriving patch of spearmint.

And the first sign of autumn's approach has been discovered on our homestead! While on a walkabout around the pasture last evening, my dear hubby and I discovered some leaves that have begun to don their fall colors.

It was a productive month on our homestead... in July we finished our painting projects and tended to some extra cleaning and de-cluttering and needed repairs around the homestead. And we managed to get away for a couple of day trip adventures and picnics and afternoons at the park, too. A rather good mix of work and play indeed!

And into August we go... 🍂

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