Day Trip to Pine Creek

It was a weekend of leisure for us, a rare luxury to have a project-free summer weekend amidst the daily responsibilities of life on our bustling farm sanctuary homestead. Especially since though it is yet July, autumn and winter seem just around the corner with all of the projects and preps yet to be done.

But we as a family do enjoy our day trips. They are like mini vacations, usually frugal, and allow us to have lots of adventures and get-aways while still tending to our farm. The extra blessing is that we live in the beautiful state of Montana where wide open spaces abound, simply beckoning at us to get out there and enjoy them.

And then we are home to care for our critters and sleep in our own beds again that night. Quite perfect, we think. {smile}

So this weekend found us at one of our favoritest of favorite places. We have spent time in the mountains at Pine Creek every summer for as long as I can remember. And it has been the traditional birthday outing for our girls with summer birthdays... so we pretty much *had* to get up there!

Amazingly, the same spot we always use was empty when we arrived. We moved in to the area and began exploring and enjoying the day. It was my puppy Jack's first trip to the mountains and I do think he loved it as much as the rest of us do.

It was a beautiful sunny day... not too hot but plenty warm. We saw so many butterflies about, flittering here and there and landing on the wildflowers and the towering pine trees. This summer has been the summer of butterflies, I think.

The eight of us plus Jack hiked the trails and made our way to the creek.

If I could have, I would have captured the scent and sound of this spot to bring home with me and savor in the days to come. It was magical.

So we made ourselves comfy and the fisher-people tried some catch-and-release fly fishing and the rest of us explored the space.

Our kids are such nature babies and how my heart rejoices to see them wild and free in the out-of-doors while respectfully exploring the beauty and wonders of creation. It was a good day for finding slugs next to the water.

Treasures found. And one happy just-turned-seven year old boy who was pretty sure the sparkly rocks contained diamonds. {smile}

Fly-casting into the creek is fun even when the fish aren't biting, I am told.

The coolness of the water rushing over my feet. Ahhhhh.

After nearly thirty years of being a mama, I have settled into a rhythm of watchful relaxation with my children. We play, we explore, they stay where I am always in their sight as they make adventures. All of nature becomes a classroom with our eclectic approach to homeschooling.

And then we ate our lunch at this table. We had a picnic of sandwiches and chips and fruit and trail mix and then savored the remaining moments in the surrounding woods before we cleaned up and headed back down the mountain. I had to turn for one last image of this special spot before we drove away. It is a happy place for me. Another lovely day at this place in the woods is now etched upon my mama-heart.

Thank you for joining me here today, friends. I wish you a beautiful day.

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