At the Lake

Dailey Lake 
We have a birthday boy in our midst this week. And a daily countdown of days left until his birthday, with regular updates, many times each day. {smile} Yes, this youngest child of ours is rather excited to turn seven.

So over the weekend, we decided to take a day-trip to a beautiful place for a picnic and some early celebrating of our little boy's special day.

Our fisher-people took their poles but quickly lost interest in catch-and-release fishing and chose to explore the shore and the shallows of the lake instead.

And Mama couldn't resist kicking off the flip-flops to join in the fun!

And wouldn't you know it... a leech latched itself on to one of the kids. Such good timing, ha! During a recent read-aloud time we (once again) read the chapter in the Little House book where the leeches got on Laura in the creek. Our girl knew just what she had on her and couldn't wait to get a closer look at it.

We had a lakeside picnic. There were boats to watch and some people on horseback were riding nearby. An osprey flew overhead. It was a beautiful day.

The kids made sand sculptures with the empty lunch dishes. It wasn't easy to get the towers to stand up since the sand was rather rocky, but it was fun to try.

None of us wanted to leave this lovely spot, but the responsibilities of our homestead beckoned us to return. And while the day was amazing, it was - as it always is - good to get home.

Birthday week continues around here. Just how did my baby become seven years old so quickly anyway? {smile}


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