All Over the Place

The weekend was gorgeous at our place! We had a few projects to tend to, as is always the case around here, but we also took the time to go for a family hike all over the twenty acres of our homestead.

We walked to the back fence line of the property and sat for a spell. Then we walked the length of the pastures down to the creek. And I can honestly say that even after living on our land for more than seventeen years, I truly love it more and more with every passing season and each passing day.

What a blessing it is to raise this large tribe of ours on our animal sanctuary home-sweet-homestead.

I would love to share with you some of the things we saw on our weekend walkabout...

I slipped my palm beneath this perfect blanket flower to show how big and beautiful it was.

And this wildflower gone-to-seed made a very interesting shimmery globe. It was quite large, about the size of an orange, and not a seed had blown away yet. Pretty!

Jack discovered a puddle of rainwater atop one of the big rocks in the back pasture. Time for a drink!

Our children have always enjoyed hopping rock-to-rock as they cheer one another on and invent games and competitions. Ah, fresh air and sunshine in nature's playground!

And just like his sister, our youngest boy decided to give the rock hopping adventure a go.

The beautiful wide open spaces of the place we refer to as "up back." Matilda enjoys this view quite often as she grazes in the pasture with her horse-friend Shadow.

These orange wildflowers only grow alongside the road that leads across the bridge and to the creek. There aren't many of them about, but they sure are pretty. And orange is my favorite color.

We saw lots of butterflies alongside the road. They appeared to be drawing water from the damp sandy soil... we lingered to watch them and a few fluttered over and landed on our shoes. {smile}

An eastern kingbird was perched atop one of the trees at the creek.

In the lower pasture the creek is still rather high and the grass is incredibly tall. So pretty! I am looking forward to the water coming down a bit more so we can spend some time in this spot. My favoritest of favorite places indeed.

And then we hiked back to the house. Our homestead hike was a wonderful way to relax and talk and dream of what we *hope* to accomplish here in the future, while being amazingly thankful for all that we have been blessed with and achieved together in the years on our farm.

I do hope you had a lovely weekend at your place, too, wherever that may be.


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