A Grateful Heart

Happy Friday to you, friends. Just a moment ago, as I was preparing to begin my gratitude post and reflecting upon the goodness and blessings of this week, a hummingbird came to the feeder that is directly out the window before me. Oh, what a wonderful treat! Hummingbird sightings have been oddly rare thus far this summer, so I am hopeful that perhaps that is about to turn around and we will once again have regular visitors to our feeder before the season passes.

As I have shared with you all, I often enjoy listening to sermons online throughout the week. And I have a favorite pastor from Oregon that I especially love... his teaching style is a wonderful match for my understanding and comprehension and his messages and insights have enabled me to grow greatly as a believer.

But I have gotten a bit behind in my listening. It has been niggling at me (thank you, Lord!) so this morning I decided to listen to a sermon rather than music while I did my morning run.

And wow, just wow. You know how sometimes it is as if the words that God brings to your ears are meant just for you, and speak perfectly to your needs and situation? Well, that is just what happened to me today. I was so grateful! And the amazing thing is that I needed those words *today* so it actually was a good thing that I was a bit behind in my listening.

I truly felt washed by the word today. As though the bits of anxiety and other icky-ness that I had inadvertently allowed to creep into my thoughts were swept away and replaced by Truth. I am so refreshed and encouraged and oh-so thankful for it. {smile}

And I enjoyed a lovely run in the out-of-doors with Jack beside me and our goats looking on. It was a very good start to the day and end to my planned running for the week.

Here are a few more snippets from my ongoing gratitude list this week~

:: Deer. We are still seeing lots of them around our farm sanctuary homestead. So pretty they are!

:: Blogging. In just a few days, this blog and then Run Hoop Julie will both be a year old. And Images of a Happy Gentle Life is nearly at its half-birthday. This makes me so happy... I really enjoy blogging. I like taking pictures and planning posts and writing and editing and web design. All of it!

But even more than that, I love the positive effect that blogging has on every part of my life. My blogs inspire me to notice things, to pay attention, to make-and-do things, to be creative. They help me to be organized and manage my time. They are an outlet for my thoughts and creativity and show me how far I have come and how far I have yet to go.

They contain memories and hopes and dreams. They keep me humble. They make me brave. They help me to celebrate the simple and ordinary life that I have been blessed with. My one unique and wonderful journey of being.

My blogs are a place to store recipes that my kids say they want to make someday. And to chronicle our homesteading adventures and snippets of all the wonders of daily life in this large family of ours.

And I do so love being a part of this blogosphere that is laden with lovely and interesting people who simply want to share a bit of themselves, their talents, their struggles, their stories.

If you enjoy reading any of my posts or visiting my blogs, I sincerely thank you for stopping by. Lord willing, I intend to continue my blogging endeavors for a long long time to come. {smile}

:: Compost heap wheat. What a discovery! I have a miniature stand of homegrown wheat thriving behind Matilda's building!

If the deer don't get to it first, I hope to harvest it and grind my own homegrown wheat to add to my homemade bread.

That is one of my long-time homesteading dreams... way back when, before we had even found our land and still lived in town, I dreamt of making a batch of bread from homegrown wheat. All of these years later, that dream just might become a reality!

Whether it does or not, this wee surprise has reignited in me the desire to grow some of our own food here on our twenty-acre homestead.

Thank you for coming by my blog today, friends. 💛 I wish you a lovely day and a cup brimful of gratitude wherever you are.


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