A Grateful Heart

Happy Friday to you, my friends. I am glad you came by my blog today so I can share with you the beautiful orange-and-blue sunset that we were blessed to see earlier this week. There has been a bit of smoke in the air and it does cause the sunrises and sunsets to be extra spectacular and colorful.

One of my children once asked me which I prefer... sunrises or sunsets. Isn't that an interesting question to ponder?

At the time, I immediately said sunrises because for some reason sunsets used to make me feel kinda sad. But they don't anymore, so I really couldn't choose a favorite now. I love the very beginning of another day that comes with each sunrise, full of hope and wonder for what will come.

And the sunset brings with it a sense of satisfaction. Of believing that whatever happened that day was for my good and God's glory. Of letting go, of resting. The end of another day on the homestead.

So I choose... both. I love sunrises *and* sunsets. Can I do that? Of course I can. {smile}

The once abundant wildflowers are beginning to dwindle a bit as summer keeps marching on. The once plentiful rain upon our land has subsided and many of the wildflowers are coming to the end of their glory for this season.

But the ones that remain are beautiful. These purple ones were quite cheerful looking in the back pasture as my dear hubby and Jack and I were enjoying a recent walkabout.

And the blanket flowers are still bringing a smile to my face as I pass by their beauty. I'm a little surprised that there are any of them left as blanket flowers are a favorite for the child-picked bouquets that line my kitchen windowsill all summer long.

Here are a few more items from my ongoing gratitude list this week~~

:: Self discovery. I usually write more about this kind of thing over on Run Hoop Julie, but learning recently that I am blessed with the INFJ-T personality has been such a fascinating and exciting realization that I had to include it on my gratitude list here.

As I read about INFJ-T - its traits, strengths, and weaknesses - I find myself excitedly thinking, or even saying aloud, "yes! that is me! how does this writer know me so well?" to so much of what I learn and discover. I look forward to exploring this some more!

While it isn't a surprise to me, it is kinda fun to have confirmation that I am indeed a happy introvert!

:: A hummingbird, finally. It has been a quiet summer thus far for hummingbird activity at our place. But this morning, as I was running with Jack, I spotted a hummingbird perched upon our fence. I didn't see it visit the feeder, but it was definitely sizing up its options.

:: Those foxes. We thought they had all moved on, but my dear hubby has seen two of them near their woodpile home this week. I am glad they are still around.

:: Knitting. I have been making dishcloths to replenish my dwindling supply of handknits for my kitchen. It takes me about three days to knit one up, I prefer to keep a leisurely and enjoyable pace. The last one I made was knitted in seed-stitch and I am quite happy with it.

:: In the books. Our 2017-2018 homeschool year... which was my twentieth year of homeschooling our children!.. is officially behind us. The graduate's transcript is complete and the rest of the paperwork and record keeping is up-to-date. Woot! I am quite pleased with it all. And I now get to enjoy a brief hiatus before I begin preparing for and planning my twenty-first year of teaching my children at home.

I will only have five students next year. Oh my, these sweet babes of mine are growing up so fast!

There is always something to be grateful for. Even as I type these words, I could let my mind wander to things in my own life that I wish were different... nobody's life is perfect. But I refuse to water those thoughts or to pay them any mind. Move along, dark cloud, and make room for the sunshine! My trust is in the Lord and that is where it shall stay.

Wishing you a cup brimful of gratitude where you are.

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