July 13, 2018

A Grateful Heart

Happy Friday to you, friends. It is a hot, summery day on our homestead. The outdoor thermometer reads 93.1 degrees (F) so the bread dough I have rising on the counter top is coming up quickly! {smile} And as much as I *adore* pioneer times and simple living, I am thankful to have my modern oven for baking that bread. It would be rather awful to have to build a fire today, I think!

Our ducks, though they lay eggs rather sporadically, blessed us with two lovely homegrown eggs just in time for me to bake my boy's birthday cake this week. And I ate a rather large piece of that cake - consuming our own surplus chicken eggs and duck eggs and goat milk when/if available does not go against my personal vegan convictions a bit.

And my little boy, our youngest child, my baby... is seven years old now. 7!

Can it be that my actual baby raising years are behind me? At nearly 50 years old, I suppose they just might be. Having another child seems rather unlikely. 😔 But, God is in control of *everything*! And I believe it is best to leave such things to Him.

Our summer sunsets are always amazing. It is bliss to be outside as the sun goes behind the mountain and to witness the colors of the clouds and the sky. The coolness of the evening is a wonderful time of the day, I think.

And the final snippet from my ongoing gratitude list today is this amazing morning visitor. All of the wildlife that we see on and around our animal sanctuary homestead are one of my most favoritest things about a simple country life.

Thank you so much for coming by my blog today. I wish you much gratitude and peace where you are, my sweet friends.

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