A Grateful Heart

It has been a lovely week in our neck of the woods. The nearby town is bustling with its annual 4th of July activity, the weather has been glorious, and my dear hubby had the day off from work on the holiday which gave us an opportunity to enjoy another excursion to the park.

As usual, the fisher-people in our family did some catch-and-release fishing while we non-fisher-people kept them company, busy about our own fun of bird watching and people watching and taking in the glorious view.

We enjoyed a family walkabout around the park and along the path that follows the Yellowstone River for a stretch.

Our kids took over the swing set. The whole thing! {smile}

It was one of those mama moments to savor - watching the six of our children yet at home play and laugh together.

And I am thankful that they still enjoy the simple fun of an old fashioned bouncy playground toy.

We were having such a good time that after fishing and hiking and playing in the park, we decided to spend some more time near the water and fish some more. We moved our poles and fishing paraphernalia and picnic blanket to a different spot and hung out with some friendly ducks that seemed quite certain we were going to give them a treat.

American flags rimmed the lagoon in honor of the fourth of July.

It was a fun day of family togetherness! Here are a few more things from my ongoing gratitude list today...

:: The deer on our homestead. This buck was atop the hill as my daughter and I took Jack for a walk last night. He was right on the skyline, surrounded by wildflowers and green grass and blue sky. So beautiful!

:: My finished knit. Our girl is quite happy with her graduation shawl and I think it looks lovely wrapped around her shoulders. A handknit hug from her mama. {smile}

:: The fireworks show. While they are quite far away, we do have a clear view of the town's firework display from our deck. The eight of us (plus Jack) sat wrapped in blankets (it was chilly!) and watched the fourth of July fireworks together. Such fun!

:: Sore ankles. Now that is a funny one, you might think. But I have been having great fun working on a new hooping trick - a kick start from the floor to the knees - and it is making my ankles sore in these early stages. But persist I shall and one day up that hoop will come.

:: Something new. I mentioned here that I have recently begun a meditation practice and it is becoming a real blessing to me. I am amazed at how refreshed and focused I feel after just a short session of deliberate stillness. How grateful I am to add this tool to my self-care routine.

:: Authenticity. You know, it has taken me all of my nearly fifty years to get to this place of self-acceptance. And to shake off the rules and expectations of others... to understand what it means to be free in Christ and to live a life of joyfulness without a flicker of fear of what anyone else may think about that. Growing older and wiser and stronger and better is a wonderful wonderful thing. Praise God!

I believe in gratitude. I believe that God is good all of the time. I have found that in my own life there is always something to be grateful for if I just take the time to notice and count my many blessings.

Thank you for coming by my blog today, my dear friends. I wish you a cup brimful of gratitude in your own life.


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