June 4, 2018

Weekend Goodness

It was a wonderful weekend of sunshine and a good mix of work-and-play on our homestead. My dear hubby and I began Saturday with coffee-on-the-deck and watched the deer across the way. We took Jack for a walk down to the creek to check the water level.

There are so many flowers on the chokecherry bushes this year! It looks as though we will have all of the chokecherries that we need on our own property to make syrup this fall. Yay!

Later in the day, my hubby and two of our boys and a friend went to pick up the crawler that my dear hubby purchased...

Hubby is *very* excited about this addition to our homestead and has several projects in mind. Hopefully, the crawler will be just the right companion to our plow truck to keep our driveway clear in the winter time.

We had some fence repairs to tend to. Important it is to keep our fences in good shape!

And we brought the goats into the yard to munch on the tall green grass. They put themselves away in their pen when they have had enough... so cute!

I indulged in some knitting in the sunshine while the kids played barnyard basketball nearby. This is the graduation shawl that I am working on for our just-graduated daughter. It is just beyond the half-way mark, I would guess.

And this was oh-so exciting. A rhubarb harvest! My rhubarb has never done well because of the elevation, the wind, and the rocky soil at our place. But this year...


It was a tiny harvest... just enough to make strawberry rhubarb crunch. Perhaps my rhubarb plants will continue to produce this year, but even if they don't I am happy with what I got. Lord willing, I will share the yummy strawberry rhubarb crunch recipe with you in a day or two! {smile}

There was a lot of weekend goodness at our place. I hope you had a good weekend, too!

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