June 20, 2018

Nature Walk

Welcome, sunshine! Oh how happy it was to have a sunshine-y day on the farm. After chores and breakfast this morning, my children and I decided to trek about the back pasture for a nature walk. To see what we could see!

We found lots of wildflowers. I thought the purple lupine and this yellow beauty looked quite sweet growing side-by-side.

And this pretty blanket flower was glorious as it looked toward the sun.

And there were ladybugs and crickets and a variety of butterflies out-and-about. We saw and heard lots of songbirds. And we enjoyed watching a nest of caterpillars that seemed to be dancing to a rhythm all their own. So wonderful, the varied creatures found in nature.

This lovely lady was all spread out upon this yellow wildflower. It looks as though her wings are damaged - perhaps from *all* the recent rain? Whatever the cause, I hope she heals quickly.

We returned from our walkabout refreshed and recharged from the sunshine and fresh air and togetherness... and we were ready to go on with the day.


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