June 13, 2018

In Progress

We have quite a few projects and happenings in progress around here. Things that keep us occupied and tend to make our to-do lists on a regular basis, but aren't quite finished yet. 

The graduation shawl I am knitting for my daughter...

I am beginning to get excited to finish this simple knitting project so I can give it to our homeschool high school graduate. If I continue to have time to knit a row or two each day I estimate I will have it done in about a week. Woot!

Making friends with my instant pressure cooker...

I am using my 10-quart pressure cooker several times a week and getting comfortable enough with it to begin experimenting with adapting my own recipes. So much yummy fun!

Refurbishing and painting the outbuildings. Beginning with the duck coop...

We have replaced some boards and tended to the needed repairs and given the building a thorough scrub. And, we have gotten the first coat of beautiful barn red paint on our ducks' cozy home.

Waiting for my peonies...

Those big beautiful buds should be opening pretty soon. Patience, patience.

And those are a few of the happy-busy-happenings at our place. {smile}

Wishing you a fantastic day,

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