June 18, 2018

Favorite Things

Birds of prey. Cows. Two of my favorite things... and over the weekend I was blessed to experience both of them simultaneously.  A Northern Harrier perched in our tree to take shelter from the rain. And there was a cattle drive on the country road. What a thrill!

The Northern Harrier was quite wet from the rain. He shook himself and preened and spread his wings while upon his perch. I kept my distance and he seemed quite relaxed in the tree that is just down the hill from our house.

And the both of us (that harrier and me) kept an eye on the cattle drive that was happening down on the country road. I just love cows! This bunch came up the road and then went up the mountainside across the way. How blessed I felt as I savored these simple pleasures of a simple life.

Wishing you a lovely day~

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