End of June on the Homestead

End of June... where does the time go, friends? I am happy to share with you that - between the rain showers that just kept coming all month long - we managed to accomplish the task that we had hoped to finish in June. The duck coop got a makeover!

Our duck coop began its life as a rabbit hutch when many years ago we rescued several domestic rabbits and gave them a forever home on our farm. After the rabbits, we remodeled the hutch into a building with a run for some turkeys that we enjoyed keeping through their lifetimes.

And then, we converted the turkey coop into a duck coop. Today, the cozy shelter gives our little flock a safe place to sleep and bask in the fresh air when the ducks are not padding about their roomy pen in the sunshine... or rain, or snow. Ducks do seem to love all kinds of weather. I have always thought that ducks are the happiest critters on the farm!

This year, as we planned our summer homesteading projects, we decided to put "update coops" at the top of the to-do list. The duck coop needed a thorough scrub and some repairs and a fresh coat of paint...

Before :: The years of wind and rain and snow had done a fine job of fading the paint.

Before :: The frame of the run needed some tender-loving-care so the netting around the run could keep our ducks safe and secure.

During :: Here is an in-progress view of the coop's door all scraped and ready to be painted.

Ta-da! :: So nice, yes? We even painted the floor of the run. {smile}

The duck coop looks better-than-new now. We are quite pleased with the improvement.

And we also fixed our goat milking stand. It had fallen apart a bit, as things that sit unused for awhile seem to do. But it didn't take long at all to sturdy it up and make it goat-ready once again. I do hope we can add more goats to our homestead someday!

It is something I have given thought to and while I am vegan and I do avoid eating and using animal products as a habit of life, I would not hesitate to consume milk from our very own goats and eggs from our much loved chickens and ducks.

I am sure that decision may seem controversial to some vegans, but I know our animals and how much they are loved and how they are raised. Consuming surplus eggs and/or goat milk from our own homestead lines up nicely with my vegan convictions, and also my decision to eat whatever I want without restrictions.

Perhaps that choice as a vegan won't make sense to anyone but me. That is okay. {smile}

And into July we joyfully go...
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