Eight Months Old

:: 8 months old ::
Another month has passed by in a flash and my yellow Labrador puppy is eight months old! Jack doesn't look much like a puppy anymore... and while I don't know what he weighs, I can barely lift him. {smile}

This image does a good job of capturing his boisterous personality, I think. Slightly out of focus, one ear thrown back, and what looks like a slight smile on his face. That's Jack - busy, playful, and always happy.

And since Jack spends so much time with his grazing barnyard buddies, he has learned to pull at the grass with his mouth. He doesn't actually swallow any grass, but he nibbles it out of the ground just like the goats and Matilda do and then he drops it. Ha!

I've never had my very own dog before, so I've never known or appreciated what the love of a dog feels like before Jack came into my life. His friendship and loyalty are balm to the soul. He is always there, always listening, always quick to give me a kiss (really - he will give me a quick lick right on the lips or the cheek) if I ask him for one.

One of our daily traditions is morning peanut butter. My dear hubby takes Jack outside and while they are out, I fill his hollow rubber toy with peanut butter and hide it. When he comes back indoors, Jack sniffs around until he finds it. I think that I perhaps look forward to this daily adventure as much as Jack does... so fun!

I'm so glad he is ours and we are his. Happy eight-month-birthday to the dog who has truly become one of my very best friends and part of our family forever.


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