June 25, 2018

By the Water

The sporadic rain of Saturday kept us from our painting project. But it didn't keep us from enjoying the day. We decided to go back to the park in the nearby town and relax for a bit away from the homestead.

Since our oldest-at-home daughter and I don't fish, I took my knitting along and we kept an eye on the activities and all of the wildlife we were blessed to see from our seats upon the spread-out quilt.

The older boys wandered up the shoreline a little way so they could cast their lines in by the bridge. The rest of us chose a spot in the sunshine that had a wide open and wonderful view.

This mallard came near to us... I suspect he thought we had brought him a snack. An osprey flew over and circled and eventually swooped down and caught a fish. How amazing to witness that!

When they began to tire of fishing, the little ones and I walked down to the shelter that is on one end of the lagoon. We like to admire the murals that someone has painted on the walls inside the shelter.

There were a few more ducks by that shelter. And a blue heron that had been flying back and forth across the water landed quite near to where we were exploring on the shore.

Our fisher-people only caught-and-released a couple of fish, but we had such a good time by the water and seeing the ducks and osprey and blue heron that no one seemed the least bit discouraged by the lack of fishing success.

I love where we live.

Wishing you a beautiful day where you are...

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