June 5, 2018

Adorable Neighbors

I am quite tickled that an adorable family of swallows has moved into one of our bird houses this year! They have literally feathered their nest and now spend their days swooping about the yard and barnyard to protect their space.

The mama swallow likes to sit on our fence and while we are careful to not disturb her, she rarely flies away when we are outdoors.

She had a piece of dry grass in her beak as she perched near her house the other day. We thought the grass made her look like she had grown whiskers! {smile}

The many wild animals of our area have always thrilled me... whether it is a moose in the pasture or elk on the driveway or a bear on the hillside across the way or a humble swallow perched upon the fence or some other Montana critter that passes through... God's creation speaks of His glory in so many beautiful ways!


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