A Grateful Heart

This was a pretty good week. I had been feeling kinda stuck in the doldrums for a bit... I think I let myself get too busy and tired. But this week I have shaken those doldrums off and feel like my regular self again. {smile}

It continues to rain regularly in our neck of the woods. It is wonderful to be surrounded by so much green grass and so many wildflowers in the pastures. We have been letting the goats graze right in our yard to munch on that beautiful grass and Jack likes to join them.

:: One of these goats is not a goat. Ha! ::
The goats tolerate his company and he seems to *love* theirs. Jack is that kind of critter... he is about as happy and carefree as one can be, I think. A good teacher he is, that Jack.

:: Picking wildflowers for Mama. *love* ::
We have been going for long walks and spending lots of time in the out-of-doors. My windowsills are laden with cups of wildflowers. It is so sweet when my children pick them for me. I love simple gifts from the heart.

:: A rainbow in the clouds. ::
Here are some snippets from this weeks ongoing gratitude list ~

:: Knitting outside. I have been taking my daughter's work-in-progress graduation shawl and a cup of coffee and sitting in the fresh air and sunshine to knit a few rows. It is bliss.

:: Hooping in wide open spaces. My indoor hooping spot is so tiny... but outdoors is immense! I have been *loving* the freedom of flowing and practicing tricks and simply waist hooping on this green and wildflower covered mountainside all week.

:: Butterflies galore. There have been so many butterflies this week. We have seen lots of painted ladies and a few tiger swallowtails and several more that I need to learn the names of.

:: Togetherness. Days at home surrounded by my family on our homestead with all of our critters is a blessing that I do not take for granted. What a lovely simple life it is. Perfect? No! But wonderful nonetheless.

:: Wildlife. This week we have seen the foxes, eagles, hawks, songbirds, deer, and elk. Animals are so amazing and wonderful, I think.

:: Projects. Such a productive season we are having around here... we have begun the prep work for re-painting some of our outbuildings. Woot!

There is *always* something to be grateful for. Listing my blessings in this space and meditating on God's goodness as I do so is one of my favorite parts of the week, it really puts me in a more noticing and present place within as a habit of life. I like that.

Thank you for coming by my blog today, friends. I wish you much gratitude and a wonderful day.

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