What a Weekend!

:: my Mother's Day bouquet ::
:: my new piercings - two lobes (blue) and a tragus ::
:: homemade goodness from some of my babies, and a rose from my boy :: 
Our weekend began with the wonderful surprise of my dear hubby bringing me a Mother's Day bouquet. I wasn't expecting flowers... I had planned on the ear piercings I wanted to be my dear hubby's gift to me. So what a lovely surprise indeed! I love flowers.

On Saturday, we drove to the city where our oldest daughter lives to pick her up, visit the studio for mama's ear piercings and our graduating daughter's much-desired graduation present, and indulge in a fancy coffee... such fun! I wanted to add two lobe piercings and a tragus piercing to my right ear and I am so happy with how they look. My girl treated me to a vegan caramel latte afterward and it was delicious.

When we returned home with our oldest daughter, my hubby and one of our boys took a drive to look at a dozer that my hubby would like to purchase to use around our homestead. On that trip they saw some deer, an osprey, wild turkeys, sandhill cranes, and a pheasant. I love the wildlife of our area.

And my grand-dog Juno was *so* happy to see our girl after staying with us for two weeks! I know that Juno had fun at "Grandma's house" but it made me smile to see her so glad to be reunited with our daughter once again.

Sunday was Mother's Day, of course... I received lovely cards and bouquets of wildflowers plucked from our field and so many hugs and kisses from my crew. And then on the way home from church, we needed to be rescued.

We were driving down the main highway that runs through our small town and our vehicle died. My dear hubby pulled off to the side of the road and diagnosed what he thought the trouble could be (he is a mechanic)... then he walked to the home of someone he knew that lived nearby to see if they could assist him.

So the children and I were sitting in the vehicle, waiting. We decided to pray for help... not sure how the whole lot of us would be able to get home if our car wasn't working. We wanted to stay together as a group.

Quite soon after we prayed, a dear friend drove by and saw our plight, and stopped to check on us. His car wasn't big enough to give us all a ride but he offered to get a different vehicle if we needed it. And right after that, another dear friend *in a big enough vehicle for all of us to fit in* drove up and offered to give us a ride home while my hubby stayed to fix our broken down vehicle.

I called my dear hubby to let him know - he was thrilled - and off we went.

Isn't the Lord amazing? Such an instant answer to prayer... He sent a trusted friend to give us just the help we needed so soon after we prayed for assistance. God is so good!

Later in the afternoon, my dear hubby got our vehicle running again and made it home safely, too.

Just a little unexpected excitement that gave us all another chance to marvel at how God takes care of us.

I hope the weekend was a good one where you are, friends. And I wish you a wonderful start to this new week.


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