Well Done

Such a good feeling it is to finish the first of the homesteading projects we have planned for this spring and summer! 

When we bought our place seventeen years ago, the previous owners left behind several panels of homemade snow fence set up around the property. We left the panels in place for a few years to learn the drifting patterns of our land, and then rearranged them a few times, and finally decided that we didn't need most of them at all.

So we eventually took them down and stacked them in an open spot behind our largest outbuilding.

This year, our first project was to take the fence panels apart. We decided to stack some of the wood for a future endeavor (frugal we are!), make a pile of scraps for burning, and salvage the still usable screws and nails into a bucket for now.

My dear hubby will sort through the hardware later to add to his organized stash of such things.

After a few days, the pile of fence panels was noticeably smaller and the stack of wood that we were saving was well begun.

It took a week to get through the entire pile of fence panels. We worked at a rather leisurely pace, for just an hour or so each day, in the sunshine of the afternoon.

What a blessing it is to have strong boys who love to help around the homestead!

Our finished wood pile. Lovely in its own way, yes? Project number one of 2018... well done!

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