May 29, 2018

Seven Months Old

My Christmas puppy Jack... the once wee critter that bounded into our hearts and home when he was but seven weeks old... is now seven months old. Seven months already! And such a big boy and good friend to me - to all of us - he has become.

Jack had a great time with Juno at the beginning of the month. Our oldest daughter's dog stayed with us while our daughter was traveling and Jack had the best time for those weeks.

He has learned to recognize the sound of our family's vehicles and watches from the fenced yard when he hears the familiar sound of a loved one's ascent up our long driveway.

And to my absolute delight my two best animal friends seem to like each other quite a bit. Matilda actually comes to the fence when she sees Jack in the yard and the two of them touch noses. They are the cutest, those two!

Jack adores his ball. So so much! We are still working on "drop it" when we play fetch. He always drops the ball if he knows I am going to give him a treat in trade... that's a start! Often, he simply chews on his ball and lets it bounce up and down between his jaws. The ball makes a whistly sound since he wore out its squeaker, ha!

And Jack needed a few things this month. We got him a very roomy sleeping crate so he has plenty of space to lounge in, and he got a handsome new gentle harness in a size Large - it fit! The padded leash was more of a treat for me, though. So comfy when we walk. {smile}

We are working on his social skills and obedience training. His chewing (of things he should not be) has greatly diminished, although he still gnaws on things every now and then. But our big family does a pretty good job of keeping him active so Jack is usually having too much fun to get himself into trouble. Usually.

I love this dog of mine so very much.

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