May 30, 2018

Little Foxes

There is a pile of logs in a field just up the road from our homestead. Those logs have been there for several years... perhaps one day they will be used to build a cabin. But for now, they are being used as a home by a family of foxes!

My dear hubby first spotted the mama fox atop the log pile a few weeks ago. In subsequent trips to town he would occasionally see the mama fox again, and once she had three babies out-and-about with her.

The other day, our whole family got to see the foxes on our way to town. First, we noticed the mama with one baby at her side.

The two of them played around for a bit. The baby was jumping on the mama and the mama was quite patiently letting her little one have its fun. Eventually, they both nestled down into the tall grass for a rest.

Another of the babies came out from beneath the logs and sat near the end of the pile.

Oh my, the cuteness of this wee wild critter!

This is the fox family's home. The logs are in a small pasture between the county road and the creek.

The ever-watchful mama of the family.

We were very excited to see the foxes and get some photographs of them without disturbing them from our vehicle. Their log pile home is about a mile away from our homestead and visible with binoculars from our deck. It has been quite a kick to keep an eye on their antics throughout recent days.

I hope you enjoyed meeting our foxy neighbors! {smile}

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