May 3, 2018

Jack and Matilda

Jack and Matilda have gotten quite comfortable and friendly with one another since their first meeting back in January, when Jack was still a wee pup, just over ten weeks old.

They have seen one another so much since then, and spent quite a bit of time in each other's company... so the trust and bond between them has flourished.

They often touch noses through the fence as Jack is in the yard and Matilda likes to be in the pasture near where we are.

If Matilda hears us in the yard from the back pasture, she comes down and moos hello... I almost always take her a treat and give her a pat, and then she grazes nearby on her side of the fence. It is the cutest thing and thoroughly convinces me that animals do indeed have feelings and affection.

Matilda doesn't like most dogs, but she doesn't hesitate to get close to her barnyard buddy.

Hello, friend!

And another nose-to-nose greeting.

These two critters are both so special to me... truly two of my bestest friends... it absolutely warms my heart that they seem to really love one another!


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