May 1, 2018

High Water

The creek that flows across our lower pasture is up substantially, as it often is in the springtime. It is a result of the temperatures warming up a bit and melting the snow in the surrounding mountains, and we have also had a bit of rain recently to add to the water level.

The creek is as high as the bridge that we must cross when we go anywhere by vehicle. And the land surrounding the bridge is mostly under water.

Our home and barnyard sit atop a hill, so we won't have flooding near the house. And even our lower pasture will likely remain largely unaffected because of the way the creek sits below a steep bank on one side across much of our property.

We have seen a blue heron hanging around the area since the creek has been up. It was in our pasture the other day and we marveled at the size of it when it flew farther up the creek. Amazing!

As for us, we won't be spending any time at the creek until the water comes back down to its normal level. From the looks of it, that may be awhile.


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