May 31, 2018

End of May on the Homestead

As I reminisce about the month of May on our homestead a few thoughts immediately come to mind... May seemed to be an exceptionally rainy month at our place. There is lush green grass for the critters to munch on in the pastures, with beautiful wildflowers sprinkled throughout. And we were productive; finishing projects, starting projects, and planning/preparing for those yet to come.

Matilda is beginning to shed her dark winter coat. Her fur changes from dark brown to very sleek and light - nearly blond - in the summertime. She got her spring dose of parasite control this week, along with an apple and a carrot for being so cooperative. {smile}

Our nine hens are laying eggs quite regularly. Occasionally we find an egg in an unexpected place, but mostly they lay in their nesting boxes. We remain on high alert for predators since we lost two hens to a bird of prey recently, and we have an adorable family of foxes in the neighborhood.

Our goats also received their spring doses of parasite control this week. We have been rotating our little herd onto the beautiful (free!) grass in the barnyard so they usually are too full to do much besides nibble at their hay feedings.

Wildflowers abound at our place this year. We discover the first "something" of the season nearly every time we partake in a walkabout around the homestead. The above flower is the first prairie smoke wildflower that I saw this year.

There are lots of buds on the chokecherry bushes down at the creek.

And the creek is still rather high, but it has come down quite a bit since the high water of the beginning of this month.

Here is a view of the upper pasture. So green and laden with beautiful arrowleaf balsamroot wildflowers.

We bought the paint to refresh our coops and outbuildings recently, but the rain has been too regular and relentless... Lord willing, we will get to it next month.

And into June (and summer!) we joyfully go...

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