May 16, 2018

Around the Farm

Greetings from our happy gentle homestead, friends! I was outdoors yesterday afternoon and noticed that Matilda was lounging in the upper pasture, not too far from our yard. So, I grabbed my camera and wandered her way to say hello and have a look at the various wildflowers that are popping up all over the place at last.

One of our hens was scratching in a patch of dirt that she uncovered beneath the new grass. She looked rather contented with her activity.

Since we lost two chickens to a bird of prey (we think) recently, our chickens are under extra close supervision when they are not in the safety of their fenced run. So their free-ranging time has been reduced a little, but it seems necessary to keep a close watch over them for the time being.

There are wildflowers scattered far and wide across our property these days. I love them!

It was a bit unusual to see Coco atop the spool in the goat pen. But she has chosen to spend some of her time up there lately. It *is* a lovely spot from which to keep an eye on things.

There is just a bit of snow capping the mountains around our homestead now. And the grass is green and growing... happy days for Matilda!

And how lovely it has been to have Juno at our place for the past few weeks. She is always a welcome addition to our farm... I love my grand-dog and so does Jack.

I hope you enjoyed a mid-May peek around our farm. {smile} I am so grateful for the sunshine-y days and our barnyard of critters.


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