A Grateful Heart

Such an exciting day it is, friends. As I type these words, my eighteen-year-old daughter is finishing her final exam for her math class and then her senior year of homeschool high school is complete. Graduation is upon us! We are wrapping up our twentieth year of homeschooling in our family with her graduation celebration!

And it was so sweet, I thought, that she wanted to have her nose and ear pierced to commemorate her well-earned achievement. This lovely Christian girl could not be sweeter and it makes me *so* happy that she has the confidence to let her personality shine through.

Oh my, I feel myself getting teary eyed as I think about the special years behind us, the adventures yet to come, and the love her daddy and I have for this suddenly all-grown-up girl of ours!

Congratulations, Sweetie! xo

Here are a few more recent snippets from my ongoing gratitude list ~

:: Sunshine! We have enjoyed the cozy-ness of the many rainy days of late, but how nice that the sun is shining today. It is beautiful outside!

:: A family of foxes. There is a mama fox with at least three babies living in a pile of logs not too far from our homestead. We often see them when we go to town and they are adorable.

:: Evening walks. My dear hubby and I like to take Jack for a walk in the evening as often as we can. We hold hands, we talk, we thank God for all that He has blessed us with. Good times indeed.

:: Knitting. It is such a meditative, creative process... I am still working on our daughter's graduation shawl. I kinda figured she would graduate before I finished it. Looks like I was correct! {smile}

:: Not done yet. It has been such a blessing to homeschool our sweet children for all of these years. I am abundantly grateful that we still have (Lord willing) many years of homeschooling yet ahead of us in our family. Our youngest child has only just begun!

Well I need to scoot because I have a cake to bake for our family fun night graduation party! I wish you all a cup brimful of gratitude, and I thank you kindly for coming by my blog today. Have a nice weekend.


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