A Grateful Heart

The Lord sent us a "little house" day today! It is what we have always called cozy days like this one is... it is rainy and overcast and a chilly feeling 49 degrees (F) outdoors. There is a fire in the wood stove and my bread dough is rising and I have my many children and the dogs and a lovely steamy cup of sweet and spicy tea at my side.

I love our "little house" days!

And I'm especially thankful for a slower paced day after this past somewhat busy week at our place. It has been nice having my grand-dog Juno here, she helps to keep Jack out of trouble and entertained. {smile}

:: Juno ::
Our oldest daughter was on vacation visiting her brother (our adult son) who lives across the country, so Juno got to come to "Grandma's house" and enjoy two weeks of wide open space and farm-fresh air! Our daughter is home safely again with lovely memories of time spent in a faraway place with her brother.

I am so glad our girl is home-sweet-home again, but I am going to really miss Juno being here all the time!

My grown children included me (and the rest of our tribe) in their time together via video chat a few times and that was fun. One morning I was video chatting with my daughter and a wild tortoise came ambling across the lawn where she was... oh how we both laughed about that!

Here are a few more snippets of my ongoing gratitude list today ~

:: buds on my lilac bush ::
:: Continuing my plant-based vegan lifestyle after a necessary hiatus. As I told you in this post earlier this week, the transition back to complete veganism has been very easy and natural for me. I feel amazing and authentic and I am so so happy!

:: Online sermons. I am thankful for the teaching and encouragement and wisdom of the messages I listen to throughout the week... I am currently listening to a series from the book of John and as I jot thoughts down and meditate on God's word and bask in His wondrous holy goodness I feel so grateful for Jesus and His love.

:: along my walking path ::
:: Yard-walking. I love it... being outside in the fresh air, right where my children and our critters are, and walking (and/or running) for the pure joy of it. Sometimes with my dear hubby or one or more of our children... almost always with my dog Jack by my side. As I told you here, I know that 12 laps = 1 mile and I feel rather spoiled to have such a beautiful space and view to enjoy while I move.

:: Birds on my feeder. At this moment, a group of house finches is taking shelter from the rain beneath the roof of the deck. A few are on the feeder and a few are on the railing. My hummingbird feeder is filled and hung in its usual place, but I haven't spotted my first hummingbird of this year yet.

Thank you for coming by my blog this week, friends. I wish you a cup brimful of gratitude and a lovely weekend where you are.


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