A Grateful Heart

:: a beautiful rainbow from earlier this week ::
Happy Friday evening to you, friends! What a nice day this was... the spring weather was absolutely lovely and we spent a good part of today in the out-of-doors working on projects and playing and soaking up the sunshine.

I resumed one of my favorite outdoor activities today, something I have done every summer since we moved here over seventeen years ago, and something I may never finish...the picking up of all the rocks around the yard and barnyard!

The Rocky Mountains are aptly named indeed.

There are a few rocks that are too big to move in the barnyard, but most of the rocks in the yard are quite manageable to pick up and load into the wheelbarrow and cart down to the heap of moved rocks that has been steadily growing along the edge of the corner of our driveway for years.

These rocks wiggle themselves up from the earth every winter, the goats root them out of their pen, or maybe I am just really good at growing rocks? {smile} Wherever they come from, I love the time spent in the sunshine and fresh air picking them up!

I got two loads out of the yard today. What a good start to this rock picking season.

:: this wildflower is quite tiny... only about one-quarter inch across ::
Two of my children hooped with me outdoors this afternoon. I have been practicing some new tricks to add to my flow and they tried some moves of their own with their hoops and twirled and danced and we laughed and chased our flying dance hoops. What fun. I *love* hooping for so many reasons!

Here are a few more snippets of my ongoing gratitude list this week:

:: My adult children. What a memory, what a night... thanks to the blessing of modern video chatting I was able to spend a *very* wonderful evening with our faraway adult children this week. It was a couple of hours of fun that brought back so many memories for the three of us - I laughed and cried and loved every minute of it. It was wonderful and much needed and I am ever so thankful for it.

Our oldest child is so close to thirty and our youngest will be seven soon. Sometimes I feel like I wear so many hats as each of our children need me in a different way, and some more than others. But I know they all do need me and love me and nothing in this world matters more to me than being their daddy's wife and their mama.

:: A mystery, solved. Sadly, we lost two of our chickens this week. We found quite a few feathers, though... neatly plucked and scattered in a small area of the barnyard. Most likely one of the majestic birds of prey we have been seeing (perhaps the Northern harrier, but probably a red-tailed hawk) got the hens. It is never fun to lose any of our barnyard critters, but it is an occasional fact of homesteading in the mountains.

I only have nine chickens now. I definitely (Lord willing) want to get more next spring!

:: Wildflowers in abundance. And green grass that makes the whole landscape look fresh and new. Returning songbirds. The occasional butterfly. A ladybug. Days that are warm and daylight that lasts well into the evening. Ahhh.... the many blessings of spring!

Thank you for coming by my blog this week, friends. I do enjoy blogging my thoughts and images and makings and doings in this space (and this one and this one, too)... and I am grateful that I get to share the joys of my simple, ordinary life on our homestead with you.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend ~

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