Suddenly Spring

Today was, in my joyful opinion, the first day of spring on our homestead. Of course the calendar says otherwise, but this day was so chock full of springtime goodness and a perfect combination of work and play. It feels as though spring has finally sprung around here!

For the first time since the long-ago-warm-enough mornings of last autumn, my dear hubby and I began our day with coffee on the deck. Our children slept in, so we had two hours of time to savor coffee and conversation and tossing the ball for Jack to retrieve. Bliss.

As we drank in the view along with our coffees we spotted deer on the hillside across the way and several bluebirds flying about... we also saw a golden eagle and a red-tailed hawk and a northern harrier.  Nearby meadowlarks serenaded us with their cheerful songs and added to the springy-ness of it all.

A bit later, I released the chickens for their daily peckabout. We do still have a snowdrift against the hill in our backyard, but the barnyard is suddenly bursting forth with green and the chickens were eager to roam free!

As my dear hubby and our boys worked on their projects, the girls and I tended to the animals and gave Matilda a treat. That cow of mine loves her carrots.

The girls and I stopped by Matilda's winter space to grab what was left of her selenium block and oh, the view!

After the tasks of the day were done, some of the kids played barnyard basketball and we sat outside to soak up the spring. One of our boys had a ladybug land on his hand, a butterfly flew past (and landed for a moment on that snowdrift that remains in spite of the sunshine) and we celebrated the first wildflower of the year on our farm... a yellowbell (from this post).

I am so glad that today was so warm and wonderful! Just the taste of spring we have been waiting for.


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