April 26, 2018

Six Months Old

Oh how perfectly that first image of Jack captures his playful and boisterous side. We were out in the yard practicing "drop it" during a game of fetch - ha. Jack is an expert retriever (obviously) but isn't always willing to give up his ball so I can toss it again. So we practice by trading the ball for a treat and he gets so excited.

Jack may be the only individual on our homestead that will miss the snow when it finally melts completely this spring. He adores snow like no creature I have ever seen! The drift in our backyard is nearly gone (at last!) so Jack will have to find a new spot to bury his ball.

Indoors, Jack has calmed down quite a bit this month. He rarely visits the laundry basket to select his favorite unwashed items these days, and we are once again able to leave our shoes by the front door without them being carried off.

He lost his baby teeth this month. The kids thought it was fun to find them here and there... and now that his adult teeth are in his chewing has greatly subsided. He does still chew on things he shouldn't occasionally, but he seems to be testing his boundaries more than anything else.

And he is my faithful companion, still. What a friend to me Jack is! Wherever I go, he goes... and I love it. So that he isn't underfoot in the kitchen, I am teaching him to keep an eye on me from the dining room. I can hardly believe how big he is getting!

Here he is with his beloved ball again, looking nearly white in the sunshine. Perhaps this is the best representation of Jack at six months old... ready to play, tail wagging, with his ball in his mouth.

What a joy this dog is to all of us around here! We all 💕 love him and I am quite sure that the feels the same way about us.


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