April 17, 2018

Near and Deer

We are so blessed to live in the beautiful state of Montana. In our area, we are surrounded by abundant open space and fresh air and we share the land with a variety of wildlife... I took my camera along when we returned our adult daughter and grand-dog Juno from our homestead to their place last weekend.

On the way out to the frontage road, we saw a pair of sandhill cranes in a field alongside the creek.

Just over the mountain pass, there was a pair of red tailed hawks perched atop the cross brace of some power lines.

And in the still-snowy field next to them, there was another pair of sandhill cranes!

The snow is so sporadic this time of the year... it is nearly melted - even in the mountains - where our adult daughter lives.

A bit closer to home, we drove past the remains of old time "coke ovens" that were once used in coal mining. These days, they are overgrown with bushes and crumbling from age.

Near the coke ovens, we spotted a herd of deer grazing in a bare hay field.

Such a lovely day in our neighborhood!

I am thankful that we live in such a beautiful place. I hope you enjoyed seeing it! {smile}


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