April 4, 2018

Her First Knit

Oooo... friends, I have a very special finished project to show you today. And it is perhaps the most exciting and wonderful ta-da moment I have had because it is my nine-year-old daughter's very first knit!

She used child-safe knitting needles in a size 15 and a skein of variegated acrylic yarn in a bright and cheerful colorway that is perfectly suited to her sweet personality.

The only part of the project I helped her with was casting off the needles once her scarf was as long as she wanted it to be. Then, she used a large blunt yarn needle to sew the ends of her project together to make an infinity scarf.

She was so excited to wear it for the first time! It is quite beautiful and artsy and unique, yes? Very good job, my dear, I am so happy that we share a love for yarncrafting!


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