End of April on the Homestead

:: Coco and Bonnie ::

:: my sweet cow-friend Matilda ::

:: two of our male ducks - a khaki campbell and a fawn and white runner duck ::

:: ready, set, go! time for an afternoon peckabout ::

:: all that remains of the snow at our place ::

:: my dear hubby - coffee time on the deck! ::

:: a pair of pasqueflowers in our pasture ::

It is overcast and drizzling rain on our homestead on this last day of April. Our outdoor temperature is 43 degrees (F). The view has turned from white to yellowish to green quite rapidly as the snow melted and the new growth of spring began in earnest. There is a pair of finches on the feeder outside the deck facing window... I am thinking about getting my hummingbird feeder out this week, too.

We tended to some necessary tasks this month.

We trimmed all of the goats' hooves...

Matilda and Shadow were moved from their winter space and now spend most of their days roaming and grazing in the spacious upper pasture...

We began disassembling a tall stack of fence panels that were once used as snow fence...

And there was much cleaning and some repairing around the house and the outbuildings and the barnyard. (With plans discussed for painting our outbuildings this year! Oooo!)

The leaves are coming on the currants and finally, we have flowers in the fields! The first wildflowers of spring have burst forth from the dormant earth at last! Oh, how happy they make me... I have always considered them to be flowers planted by God, since we simply wait for them and then enjoy them while they last.

Wildflowers often inspire simple haiku poetry...

Snow melts flowers grow
Pasture grass is lush and green
Dotted with color

And into May we joyfully go!

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