Early in the Morning

The snows of spring continue to fall upon our homestead today. We awoke to a thick cloud cover of low-hanging grayness and a bit of rain, and the temperature has fallen a bit since then.

Now several inches of newly fallen wet, heavy snow have turned our world a pristine white for as far as we are able to see.

So I am extra grateful that Jack and I were able to enjoy an early morning walkabout this week, before the fresh snow and deepening mud and sloppy slush relegated us back indoors to the cozy warmth of the wood stove, for the most part.

Early morning is a most lovely time of the day, I think. The mountain is quiet, except for the cheerful songs of the birds that have returned... expecting spring, though receiving more winter this year.

We occasionally hear the distant bark of a neighbor's dog, but mostly are serenaded by the sounds of our very own barnyard friends and stillness.

These are some of those early morning moments from my recent walk with Jack...

Jack paying a morning visit to the goats, who always come to the fence to greet him.

Friendly Heidi, perhaps the most outgoing member of our little goat herd.

A small group of deer hopped over the fence and crossed the back pasture while we were out-and-about.

Bonnie and Coco, peaceful and serene as they keep an eye on the morning's happenings.

My good buddy Jack. {smile} Enjoying life, as usual.

Wishing you a lovely day where you are ~

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