April 16, 2018

Birthday Weekend

It was a birthday weekend at our place! My dear hubby turned fifty-one, and we did our best to make his special day wonderful in every way. {smile}

A highlight of the weekend was our annual birthday outing to a lovely and rather fancy local restaurant. Nine of the ten of us around a great big table laughing and eating and enjoying excellent food and each other's company. And for a brief moment, our oldest son (who lives quite far away) joined us via a modern technology video chat and we truly were all together in once place in our hearts. Bliss.

Hubby received a myriad of homemade-with-love gifts from our children. And he was quite pleased with the quart of huckleberries I surprised him with.

And I baked the cake he requested... German chocolate. Yum!

I remember the first birthday cake I made for him. It was for his seventeenth birthday... we were high school sweethearts then, and I surprised him (and my fifteen year old self!) by baking him a cake. It hardly seems possible that so much time has passed - so many things have happened and changed in our lives and in the world - since then! How blessed I am that we have been together through it all, my dear hubby and me.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend, too...

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