A Grateful Heart

Happy Friday to you, friends. It is a glorious day at our place... nothing but sunshine and it is 76 degrees (F) outdoors. My eighteen-year-old daughter and I enjoyed a brisk two mile walk together in the loveliness this morning and I feel thoroughly refreshed inside and out!

The wildflowers abound around here all of the sudden! Only a few kinds are up... but we are greatly enjoying the appearance of the many yellowbells and pasqueflowers (prairie crocus) in the pasture.

And the deer and elk and bluebirds... we have felt quite blessed by the creatures and beauty of God's creation this week.

Here are a few recent snippets from my ongoing gratitude list.

:: Northern harrier. We have had this majestic bird of prey nesting on or around our homestead each summer for the past few years. Perhaps the same one... And it is around again! Every day I see it swooping over the pastures and the neighboring land as it hunts. Welcome back, friend!

:: An owl. It woke me up one night this week... calling "who - who - who" from its perch atop the power pole that is not too far from the house. We quietly went to the deck and saw its silhouette in the moonlight. Just wow.

:: Toe-gurt and an owie that finally healed. One of our children had a very minor scratch on their toe that, in spite of this mama's diligent efforts, became infected. A round of prescribed antibiotics has done its job, thankfully, and the owie is nearly gone.

Each day, I gave my youngster some yogurt along with the medicine, as our doctor suggested. And since the medicine was for an infected toe, the yogurt quickly became known as toe-gurt. I found this all quite amusing and I love how we laugh together, around here... and I'm glad my child gave permission for me to share this bit of cuteness with you! {smile}

:: Soup for lunch. I have been making enormous vats full of soup for lunch recently. It is wonderful when it lasts for more than one meal (easy the next day!) but even when my large tribe eats it all up, homemade soup is delicious and frugal and a simple solution to the meal that tends to sneak up on me on a regular basis!

:: My clothesline. Oh what a joy it is to hang my laundry out in the fresh air and sunshine to dry! Using the clothesline has always been one of my favorite homemaking tasks... I love it still.

I hope you have had a week full of goodness where you are friends... and that you feel the joy of a grateful heart everyday.


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