A Grateful Heart

Happy Friday to you, friends! It is *such* a gorgeous day at our place... our afternoon temperature is 76 degrees (F) and the big blue sky is resplendent with just the right amount of puffy fluffy white clouds.

We have just come in from the barnyard where we were discussing and planning and starting (yes, even starting!) some spring and summer homestead maintenance and improvement projects.

We wasted no time in beginning a clean-up project of disassembling and relocating some snow fence panels that have been stacked alongside the garage for long enough. It felt good to work together outside... and I have always agreed with the quote that states "well begun is half done." (I just learned that Aristotle is credited with that quote... I heard it from Mary Poppins. Ha!)

Now, I am going to get my bread in the oven and share with you some snippets from this week's gratitude list while it bakes! (be right back...) {smile}

:: All the deer. They are still around, and I love seeing them. A couple of days ago, there were half a dozen deer bedded down right outside our fenced yard when I opened the blinds. They were facing east, toward the brilliant orange sunrise that was just cresting the horizon. And there was a pair of bluebirds perched on the fence just behind the deer. It was a remarkable and serene scene that I was thrilled to witness.

:: Three red tailed hawks flew directly overhead when my daughter and I were walking outdoors the other day. Birds of prey *always* give me goosebumps when I see them, I love those birds so much!

:: We have a good start on getting our goats' hooves trimmed, thanks to my daughter. Two out of five are done. Yay!

:: I had a dreadful headache the other day... a hormonal migraine, as I tend to get every now and then. My dear hubby made a special trip home from work with a pain reliever formulated for migraines (over-the-counter) and thankfully, it took the edge off of my headache and it was completely gone by the next day. Oh, how thankful I was and how loved I felt!

:: Spring cleaning. We are all going through our closets and drawers and *stuff* to see what we can do without or toss away or donate. I love sprucing things up and adhering to the semi-minimalist habits I adopted a couple of years ago. Strangely enough, I am not nearly as sentimental for "things" as I once was.

:: My cat Ruby. We are friends again... it took her quite some time to forgive me for loving my puppy Jack so much, I guess. But now, she is back to her purring and cuddling self and I often find her waiting for me in my chair in the morning. {smile}

:: Makeovers. Blog makeovers, that is. I asked myself, What would my blogs look like if I made them look exactly how I wanted, without concern of the "right" colors or layouts or fonts or how blogs are "supposed" to look... what if I just made them a true and authentic reflection of me? *Ta-dah!* I do hope you like them as much as I do, I had so much fun designing them these past few days! (my other blogs are here and here)

Well, my bread is nearly done baking - it smells amazing - and I have a big pot of cooked beans to drain and stick in the fridge (for tomorrow's chili) and then it is time to get our family fun night pizza started!

I wish you a cup brimful of things to be grateful for, friends. Thanks for coming by my blog today.

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