A Grateful Heart

Greetings from our still snowy homestead, friends. It has been a wintry spring around here! While we yet anticipate the wildflowers that are sure to come if this snow *ever* melts {smile} it has been lovely to see the bluebirds flitting about and to enjoy the songs of the meadowlarks that have returned.

Here are a few of the things from my ongoing gratitude list this week...

:: Blogs. I read of it often these days around the blogosphere, that blogging has changed and the ease and instant gratification of social media is "where it's at" these days. And yet we bloggers persevere, sharing our stories and images and thoughts and lives without really knowing if they are interesting to anyone at all.

Well, I do agree that blogging has changed in the dozen or so years that I have been writing a blog (my previous blogs are no longer available) or reading them or both. But I do so appreciate the ones that I visit and discover.

I just love that peek into the daily lives of others and I am so often encouraged by what is shared. I'm glad that so many ladies keep on blogging on, simply for the joy of it. Thank you, blogging friends.

:: A birthday. My dear hubby's birthday is this weekend and we are planning to celebrate and make him feel like the king of our home that he is. I am so excited!

:: Dancing. As I shared with you here, I have been having lots of fun learning Israeli folk dances (from online tutorials) and using them as part of my hoop dancing flow. Sometimes, I like to set my hoop aside and my younger children join me and we dance together. Oh how we laugh!

:: Togetherness. Our oldest daughter (and my sweet grand-dog Juno) are home this week to join in the birthday celebration. There is no thing that matters to me more than time spent with this family of mine, and as I grow older and realize how quickly time does indeed pass by, the simple moments of just being together seem more precious than ever.

Thank you for coming by this space today, friends. I hope you enjoy your visits here... and if you ever have a peek at Run Hoop Julie and Images of a Happy Gentle Life, I appreciate that, too. It is my pleasure to contribute my own ramblings to the blogosphere, and the thought of someone perhaps reading my words does indeed make me smile.

With peace and kindness,

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